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Free Teen Chat Testimonials

Ben from Phoenix writes...

Your free teen chat line is great! I was browsing through the Phoenix New Times, our local weekly paper and I decided to try out some free teen chat lines. I have to admit that I did try a lot of chat lines, and yours was the only one I came across that was actually a FREE teen chat! They all say to call for free, but they have hidden costs or something. Your teen chat was also the only one that didn�t require me to give out any personal information for the free chat line trial. Since this made me happy I bought time after my free chat line trial was over and I was also extremely satisfied with your service. I continue to use your chat line service and refer my friends so they can use your free chat line.

Patricia from New Haven writes...

I live here in New Haven, and often, it�s hard to meet men. It doesn�t help that I work 6am-2pm. I can�t help that I�m in community college, and I have to pay my tuition by working the only shift available at the gas station! And I�m not ashamed of working at the gas station: people need gas, and I can study in between customers. But what I want to tell you is this: I love chatting on your free teen chat. When I get bored or sleepy I just call your local teen chat numbers and soon, I am chatting away with some interesting guy who doesn�t care if I pump gas or not! It�s like I can be the best person I am, and the people who listen to my introduction are hearing the real me. Not the gas-pumper or the community college girl, but the REAL person I want to be. Yesterday morning I ended up chatting with a guy who goes to Yale�I couldn�t believe it, because he was just totally normal and cool, not stuck-up in the slightest. It makes me think that when I get my community college degree, I might be able to transfer. How cool is that??? Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that this Connecticut girl really appreciates your phone chatting service. You give me something to do, and something to shoot for.

Nancy from Philadelphia writes...

I found my self single again after quite a long time. I felt like I was out of the dating loop. Online rooms seemed pointless. Lots of angry or silly people, typing as fast as they can with all the comments scrolling by so quickly. I read a few ads in a local paper but they all seemed the same and so impersonal. I�m not looking to buy a car; I was just hoping to find a date. A local dating column had an article about a new way to meet people called free chat. Now, what�s the catch I wondered? I looked up the website and entered some personal information. I got to leave a detailed voice message about myself and what I was looking for in a date. I was really surprised to find so many people in my area who had used the free chat feature. Next time I checked my account I had several calls to return. Your chat made meeting other people so much easier. No false starts or wasted dates. I guess I�m not the only person looking fro a better way to meet other adults.

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