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Friendsation - Come get some lovin'

Friendsation - Free Dating Service

FRIENDSATION is a brand new internet dating service and social blogging network for people who are looking for a free dating, adult dating, internet dating, online dating site, adult dating services, dating personals, free personals, etc. This free online dating network provides people the chance to browse free personals and connect instantly with others in a fun, safe and entertaining environment.

FRIENDSATION's dating website allows members have the control to choose when and how they want to click via live chat on the Internet or Mobile device - for any kind of connection, whether it is friendship, dating or relationships.

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Here are some valuable tips to make your LIVE CHAT experience at FRIENDSATION an enjoyable way to meet new people.

Ask Moderators For Help
If you ever require assistance with using FRIENDSATION, there are usually online moderators available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Type In Lower Case
Type your messages in lower case, uppercase indicates to others that you are yelling or emphasizing a point.

State User Names
When addressing individuals in a crowded chatroom, be sure to state the users name at the beginning of the message.

Understanding ASL
When asked for your ASL, it means the other user wishes to know your age, sex and the location of where you live.

Private Messaging
If you wish to talk privately, one to one with a particular user, double click on their name in the user list or highlight their name and click the Private Message icon.

Private Rooms
If there is a group of people you wish to talk with privately, select the rooms tab, and create a new password protected room of your own!

Your Privacy
Never disclose personal information such as bank accounts details or home address.

Do Not Flood
Users who flood the chat room (repetitively typing text into the chat room), will be removed immediately from the room.

Foul Language
We ask that users keep swearing to a minimum and to be considerate of other users while in the main chat room.

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